Do-Over, part ii

One little snip – then it was time to pull out, oh, eight or nine repeats of the edging – and, of course, the bind off, and the ends that were so beautifully woven in. And Fray-checked. And all of this would have to be accomplished without actual coffee, just a lovely organic green tea… Because I am still in that never-ending quest for better health and a slimmer body, sounder sleep, etc., etc.

Almost instantly, instead of two loose ends, I had at least four. And they weren’t where I expected them to be. And two of the pieces were nicely unraveling but didn’t have ends. I did not panic. Apparently, however, I do not possess a poker face, so my daughter Tracy had plenty to worry about, as every thought I had was graphically displayed. Calmly (ha!) I continued to pick at the bind off, finding that, oh yeah, the yarn (Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift) tends to, uh, pull apart when you pull on it, and, oh yeah, of course it’s charcoal, so I can’t really see where it goes or which way to pull…

One little snip, that’s all it was.

One little snip…

Discretion (and an appointment for lunch) demanded that I set it aside to be addressed later. I laid it gently back in the bag, put away the sharp little scissors, and promised it and myself that I wouldn’t forget to come back to it, intentionally or otherwise.


Later that same day (I’m becoming much better about the procrastination thing), I cleared off the dining table at home and started anew. It took an episode of The Big Bang and all of a pretty bad indie movie, a little bit of the ***mpics, plus two shows on the DIY network, none of which really had my attention.

Seriously, are you sure the bind-off looked that bad?

Perseverance. Just like knitting, which happens one stitch at a time, again and again, to produce something wonderful, picking out has to happen again and again, and frickin’ carefully, to unproduce something not-as-wonderful. 

Success? – I mean, Success!

Looking reasonably good!

There seems to be just one end on each section! Yay! A place of calm and rational thought!


Now, having actually figured out where I am in the edging pattern, and finding (after some fiddling and ripping back a few more repeats) what direction the needle needs to be pointing (okay, I’m a little-k knitter, not a big-K Knitter just yet) – I can actually re-knit this wedge of edging (a Barbara Walker pattern, btw, which I got from E. Zimmermann’s “Knitter’s Almanac”) – and by the time I have filled in the wedge, which I think I will make a little fuller this time so it kind of ruffles, I will also learn how to GRAFT the ending to the beginning. The whole idea of grafting makes me want to cry, but it’s time to put on the big-K pants and start learning stuff like grafting and short rows and Fair Isle. Well, maybe not Fair Isle, but finishing that Noro entrelac scarf should be on the list, too… Hey, if I can figure out how to put pictures in this post, I can do ANYthing!


2 thoughts on “Do-Over, part ii

  1. well….. you sure have the LINGO down! I understood not of word of this post, but got the full import of the full blown OCD of a slightly imperfect finish to an otherwise stellar job. Keep writting-Im loving it!

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