Wait! I’m not ready!

I guess I can’t call a do-over on a blog post when it’s already up… But let’s just say this is my toe in the water.

I’m in the midst of a do-over on the shawl I’m knitting. It was done. It was blocked. All the ends were beautifully woven in, absolutely invisibly. But I just didn’t feel good about it.

The edging was beautiful. And endlessly, interminably, mind-numbingly dull – until the end, when I had to figure out how to join it to the beginning. I was so sick of the whole thing that I just did a three needle bind off and said to myself, “No one will notice…”  WRONG. Not only was it totally noticeable, but I did it on the right side, which is to say it was the wrong side to do it on, because there was this nice straight un-stretchy bind-off on the prettier side of the shawl. Blocking just made it more obvious. But I pressed on, weaving in the ends, hoping that the beauty of the wool and the edging and the rest of the knitting would overcome the glaring strangeness at the bottom point of the triangle. Yes, the mess would be sitting right on my butt. Not usually where I want to draw attention.

I put the shawl in my bag to take to coffee with my daughter. I also put in my sharpest little scissors, because I knew in my heart what was going to happen.

I pulled the shawl out of the bag, there on the patio of the coffee house where we meet each Wednesday morning. I flourished it, I waved it around, I watched her face…

She saw it immediately. And I knew what I had to do. Out came the sharp little scissors, I held my breath, snipped one stitch, and descended into madness.

to be continued…


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