Do-Over, part iii


I said “Success!” not “Perfection!” Stop staring at it!

I finished it Friday evening. Knitted, grafted (after a fashion), blocked – And I can say that now, after the fear, anguish, and blind hope of this process, I truly LOVE this shawl. Before, I was ambivalent at best. Now, it’s flat killing me that we’re in the midst of a slew of triple-digit days, and wearing a shawl would absolutely out me as a crazy lady.

But I do love it – I even bought it a shawl pin! I have serious reservations about shawl pins – they look dangerous, to me – but this shawl needs and deserves one.

It’s going to be 104 degrees today. The Babe can wear it for now…

And I really couldn’t wait to blog about it, but that’s something you’ll notice – I won’t be blogging on the weekends. I am a very lucky woman – I “work” just two days a week. I am the Toast Whisperer at our cafe. This means that I, yes, make toast. I make really beautiful toast. And fill creamers. And set up sides of applesauce, salsa, sour cream, etc., etc. And make coffee. And open champagne (this is a lovely place to have a mimosa and while away your morning. I assume.). And get buckets of ice. And clean up spills. Well, you get the picture: I’m an indispensable part of the team!

We call Saturday “Family Fun Day” (thanks, FlyLady! more about her in a later post…). Sunday is sometimes “Family Fun Day, Part Deux”. Sometimes it’s just not. But it really is a great thing to have a family business, most of the time.

But I’ll admit, sometimes, when I’m there, I am knitting in my head. Lately, it’s been a sock. This sock:

A simple sock…

Just a simple sock. K2P2 rib, flap heel. 32″ 2.75 addi Turbo Lace circular (heaven!). Making good headway – more about it in the next post… when I will tell you about my knitting idols…


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